Taking Care of Your Spade Luxury Lashes in just 3 Steps


Carefully remove your Spade Luxury Lashes out of the lash tray from the outer corner of the lash band, gently using tweezers or your finger tips. Note: Depending on style, the "inner corner" is usually the shorter tapered end of the lash. Take your time & DO NOT tug or pull the hairs as this may damage and/or compromise the integrity of the lash band or cause shedding of lash hair. Gently remove & carefully lift the lash band towards the inner corner until your lashes have been successfully removed from the tray.    



Measure your lashes to ensure the perfect fit & trim any excess lash as desired. Place your newly trimmed lashes to your lashline to ensure the perfect fit. Tip: For beginners, we recommend trimming a little of the outer corner of your lash at a time to help eliminate over trimming. Repeat this step as necessary & trim until desired length is achieved.  



We recommend using our Premium Rose Gold Lash Applicator for a more precise & easy lash application. Take your lash (using your preferred lash adhesive) & carefully apply 1 layer of glue along the lash band, making sure not to apply adhesive on lash hairs. Once lash adhesive has become tacky, place the lash band to the base of your eyelid, closely to your natural lashline as this will minimize gaps between your natural lash & the lash extension. Using our lash applicator or finger tips, continue to press the lash extension along the width of your lashline (corner to corner) for a more secure fit. Now applied, it's time to Raise The Stakes with your gorgeous Spade Luxury Lashes!

Tip: To assist with the longevity of your gorgeous lashes DO NOT sleep in them. We highly recommend storing your Spade Luxury Lashes in our luxurious magnetic closure lash box to help keep them dry, free of debris, & looking fabulous with each wear.