Raise the Stakes with our D.I.Y Luxe Glam Clusters and create a gorgeous volume lash extension look right from your very own makeup vanity. Choose from 3 premium volume lash sets. Each includes 36 individual cruelty-free lash clusters ranging from 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm lengths to customize, layer, and create your signature glam lash! 

Our revolutionary lash band design creates durability, comfort, and longevity, allowing you to reuse your clusters up to 25x wears with proper care. 


The Details

TYPE: Premium Vegan Synthetic Fibres     

LENGTH: 12MM (Top 2 rows), 14MM (Middle 2 rows), 16MM (Bottom 2 rows)   

STYLE:  Natural Glam, Voluminous Glam, and Bold Glam (Ultra Volume)

VOLUME:  Natural, Medium, & Ultra                

LASH LIFE: Up to 25x with proper care 

GLUE:  Clusters are compatible lash glue or bond and sealer of your choice

*Lash bond and sealer coming soon


How to Use:

We recommend curling your natural lashes to blend in with the curl of the clusters. Although, this step is not required, using Spade Luxury Lashes Lash Curler, will best assist in achieving a beautiful seamless curl for your application. Prior to placement, fit and trim clusters as necessary. Note: Remove clusters by lash band. Do not pull cluster hair to prevent damaging the integrity of lash and to help increase longevity.   

Apply using Lash Glue Steps:

1.) Apply a thin layer of lash glue of your choice to the lash band of cluster, wait until tacky

2.) Use the Precision Lash Applicator to carefully pick up cluster and apply as close to natural lash line as possible, starting from inner corner and working your way to outer corner. Repeat above steps for each cluster being sure to slightly overlap the previous cluster until you achieve desired look.

3.) Using applicator, press clusters to natural lashes for a seamless and uniform look. 

*Remove clusters using desired oil-free makeup remover


Apply using Bond and Sealer Steps:

Use preferred Bond and Sealer instructions and refer to steps above to apply. Refer to bond and sealer instructions for removal.


PRO TIP: Add 2 - 3 to outer corner for additional volume to achieve cat-eye. 


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